Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week Two

This week was our first week with our cooperating teachers. I was placed in Mrs. Estrada's Pre AP Algebra class.

Analysis: The class was working on a word problem that involved multiple problem solving skills. Mr. Shields and I helped answer questions and guide the students towards solutins to the various levels of the problem.

Reflection: My initial approach to answering the student's questions was a direct approach. However, as the period progressed I felt it wouod have been more suitable for me to use a more socratic approach. For instance, one student asked how to draw a graph utilizing the data that he'd collected. I gave him a direct answer, showing examples and using guidig questions. Anoth approach would have been to use questions like: What do you know about drawing graphs? Can you draw a graph independently of this data?

I feel like I could have guided the students to use more high level, analytic skills to solve their problems rather than just giving them the straight forward approach. In the future I will use this appproach.

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