Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Week

A good portion of the lesson was used in establishing what Schema is ans how it is used in the classroom and specifically, how it influences one's literaru experience.

Analysis: This was an extremely useful lesson in that it showed culture, history, and exposure as an all-encompassing concept that moves and shapes our every action and reaction. It also pushed us to look deeper into our own motivations as well as that of our students in order to be the best teachers we can.

Reflection: I came to realize over the last few days how intensely schema affects our perceptions and what a delicate matter communocation truly is. I am faced with a monumental task of presemting history to individuals who each have their own unique schema amd to do so about people and places that have completely different schemas. The complexity of the matter is rather intimidating, but exhilirating nonetheless. ait is through schema that the dichotomy of community and individual is played out in technicolor detail. If handled properly, that is to say, with all due respect, schema is a valuable tool for helping each student, and myself achieve our personal bests.

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