Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week Three

This week we worked with concepts of schema, scaffolding and choosing literature. We traveled to the library and identified books that we may want to use in a project which identifies 5 literary sources.

Analysis: Schema is the previous knowledge a student has. By activating schema at the beginning of an activity one can begin to scaffold to higher learning. Basically scaffolding is building and supporting the student's knowledge framework so that they can attain higher goals. One way to scaffold is to choose diverse literature resources for students to choose from. Children's books and picture books are both good ways to lower affective filters and encourage literacy.

Reflection: I am a huge proponent of multiple sources. Media, graphics, comics, print media, primary sources, and legal documents can all add new insight into a person, concept or event. There is knowledge to be found in every artifact of human existence. I think I will do my literature project on George Boole. As the founder of Boolean Algebra he drastically changed the world from a philosophical perspective which led to massive innovations in the reals of philosophy, technology and science. The concept of dualism is a theme that could be used to explore all of history and work as a jumping off point for understanding every aspect of the socio-economic changes that have taken place over the many thousands of years of human existence.

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